Founded in Istanbul and run by a group of translation professionals, Localex is a boutique language service company.

With a technologically savvy in-house team, we offer translation and advanced language solutions in local and regional languages.

  • Technologically Savvy Team
    Detail-oriented and tech-savvy team members with educational background in translation and technology
  • Boutique and Dedicated Business Concept
    Language services with a boutique working concept and dedicated team of translation professionals
  • Ability to Handle High Volume Requests
    Capacity and ability to handle large volume projects at tight deadlines with collaborative action
  • Rapid Turnaround Times
    Established reputation for delivering cost-effective language services in rapid turnaround times

Global brands and companies collaborating with Localex have found a reliable and qualified translation and localization services provider that can meet their needs and requirements concerning price, time, consistent quality, and advanced technical support.

  • Established domain knowledge in IT, Software, Marketing, Industrial Manufacturing, Legal, Life Sciences, Automotive, and e-Learning
  • Partnered with all sizes of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies
  • 99% customer satisfaction
  • 98% of our linguists recommend us to other linguists

Who are we? In fact, you encounter us in almost every facet of your daily life. We help you use your smart devices without language barriers, and streamline all of your corporate activities such as enterprise resource planning, travel and expense management, customer relationship management, etc.
Whether you are a professional photographer or just an enthusiast, you will be able to use the latest and most popular imaging and design apps in your own language. We have also localized the texts for customizing your own PC.

You will be co-operating with a team localizing product descriptions for;
> a global online shopping website where you can buy a product from anywhere around the world, with no unpleasant surprises,
> dental chairs that support you during your dental check-ups,
> heavy construction/agricultural vehicles of a globally known brand, operating in the industry for more than 175 years,
> the prominent online booking platforms from which you can explore new destinations and make your reservations, and
> smart home systems that save you time and give you peace of mind.

All in all, we play a role in every product you use, every service you benefit from, and every platform you work on, originating in a different language and served by a multinational company, in your native language and culture.

Our expertise is rooted in being the Exclusive SAP SE Localization Partner in Turkey, and flourishing as a localization services provider for many leading multinational companies since 2001. We understand your mindset, your challenges, and how to support your team in delivering the highest-quality product or service with our qualified and experienced localization team.