What is Translation Village?

Translation Village is a non-profit community organisation that works in the fields of translation, language, culture, communication, technology, music and art. 

We have been organising wide-reaching public events and smaller gatherings over the past five years. 

We hosted various events with different themes, including summer and spring camps, music festivals, participatory workshops and academic conferences.

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Four community events have been organised since 2017

45 translators from different parts of Turkey came together on Imvros Island at “Translation and Nature Summer Camp” and had the first meeting of the project.

In addition to workshops on translation and translators, there were various music concerts and social events.

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The second of the Translation Village events was organized under the title of “Translation, Nature and Technology Spring Camp”.

Approximately 70 participants from Turkey and abroad participated in various academic and sectoral sessions for three days and shared their knowledge and experience.

During the event, various speakers from academia and industry made presentations on how current technological developments would affect the field of translation and translators.

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The third Translation Village event was held on Imvros Island as a festival with the themes of “Translation, Music and Nature”.

The festival was open to the participation of everyone from inside and outside the translation industry, and hosted approximately 200 participants.

Various workshops on translation, language, technology, music, dance, art, nature and life were organised during the festival.

It lasted for four days and three nights and attracted great interest from the locals of the island.

There were different music groups on the festival stage having musical performances that reflect multilingualism and multiculturalism.

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The latest event of the Translation Village was held on Imvros Island between 18-21 August 2022 with the concepts of “Translation, Music and Dance”.

The four-day festival hosted seven music groups from different languages, cultures and geographies, 10 dance and music workshops, and three translation forums.

Hundreds of people enjoyed a multilingual, multicultural and polyphonic musical feast during the three days of concerts.

The festival attracted great interest both from the islanders and those who came to the island for holiday.

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