We have established 4 options for accommodation in Gokceada. We will carry out the necessary adjustments and redirection as per your preferences in the application form 🙂 We will establish the best and reasonable option, as long as we are contacted in advance 🙂

  1. Option: You may set up your own tent in Yildizkoy Arkadia Camping for a daily fee of 30 – 35 TRY. This is a beautiful camping site adjacent to the sea. The Reggae party on Saturday will be held in this location 🙂
  2. Option: You may attain accommodation in available tents in Yildizkoy Arkadia Camping site. The daily price will be 50 – 55 TRY.
  3. Option: This option includes the most preferred lodging houses in Gokceada. Lodging houses accommodating up to 4 people with the comforts of home are available. The daily price per person is around 50 – 60 TRY.
  4. Option: You may stay in boutique hotels on the Island. The average price per night is 80 – 90 TRY.