What is Translation Viilage?


We start our journey to learn together, produce together, search together for the ways of co-existing and to find solutions for our humane and professional problems.

One of the most affected sectors from technology is the translation sector. More and more translators are shifting towards freelance working model either as a result of the employer's desire to decrease costs or due to their personal preferences (which is generally caused by the unbearable office or big city life). Full-time translator positions are decreasing in translation companies; project managers and directors are the only ones that are left in the companies. Although freelance working model seems very attractive and comfortable, the basic problems accompanying this model are still far from being solved. There are still many steps to implement the foundational justifications of freelance working model such as control over the work, freely determining the workplace, tools and hours as well as changing classical boss-worker relationship to professional service provider-receiver relationship.

Thanks to the facilities of our age, now is the time to increase our dominance over our work and to determine our workplaces in a more planned and organized way by bringing together our knowledge and skills!

Today, we have a regular internet connection, we can live in Phuket Island and work for our clients in California or Osaka. If we imagine this scenario in Turkey, you can live in Gokceada or Seferihisar (which are small, calm and beautiful places to live in) and at the same time work for clients all over the world. In this sense, our age offers interesting opportunities for freelance translators among others. There are many translators who reap the benefit of these opportunities personally: the ones travelling around the world by translating, constantly mobile people, ones living right in the middle of nature in a small town in a more stable way...

Keeping all of these in mind, Translation Village Project calls freelance translators and other translation sector workers to discuss new living-learning-producing-working ways from a more humane perspective.

As a first step towards Translation Village Project, we will come together in Gokceada on July 28-30, 2017 (Friday-Sunday); we will have both some fruitful discussions on translation sector and freelance translation, and various social and cultural activities. In short, we will together in nature to shape a better life for translators.


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Gökhan Fırat
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